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The International Department of Orymu Graphic Arts is composed by Sara Grande (the manager), Angelica del Pozo (senior Assistant) and Natalia López (Assistant ).

Altogether we luckly speak: French, German, English, Italian and Gallego .

We already have in our portfolio several publishing houses in the UK ( including Oxford UP , you can see below their feedback), Switzerland and France, but of course this is not enough.

Our goal is to achieve international status all around the world and overall in Europe.

Which would be the obstacles in printing for Germany, Austria, Belgium, Nordic Countries, France etc….?:

  •                 Distance and fear from complications in transport and price increase  due to this fact.
  •                 Apprehensiveness due to an unknown market.
  •                 Lack of references.
  •                 Culture/language barrieres

We can reassure you on all those so called “obstacles” by:

  •                 Quality of printing
  •                 Great customer Service (in your mother tangue and    careful/exquisite      follow ups)
  •                 Speed
  •                 We do our best and more to give you the best service ever!

What can we do to convince you?

  •                 Great feedbacks from our clients, for instance Oxford University Press:

Orymu’s response time is very good…we like the information level, the titles printed have been to a high standard and stock dates have been met!”

                We can send you our printed books to prove it, in a lovely pack together with a printed presentation

  •                 Years of experience (moren then 40 years)

  We can gladly, send you a quote for you to see our great prices!

And those are our certifications :

FSC ®, ISO 9001-2002, ISO 12647, ISO 14001, UGRA FOGRA and AENGRAF.

Our outstanding machinery Park (including  the largest printing machine in the world, big format ): KBA RAPIDA 162 a:


For more information please check our Presentations:


The fact is, most of european publishing houses already print in China and even in Turkey.

Would it not be more convenient to print in Spain? A great an modern European Country (part of the UE since 1985)? Give Europe a chance!

And lastly but not least a little and informal introduction to our department in our next Post…come in and get to know us a little bit better!